Protoinception uses a range of scientific methods used to predict and or encourage thoughts, ideas, beliefs & behaviours.

Protoinception was developed from the work of two German scientists in the 1960's Kornhuber and Deecke. They discovered that our first action or thought is initiated 0.35 seconds before we consiously think we make a decision (verified by Libet in the 1980s).

From this starting point our research began looking at proven tools that could predict and in some cases initiate the actual first thought, idea or action.

Protoinception is the result of that research.

Combining Micro expressions, NLP, Body language, Voice resonance, Cognitive bias, Network theory and other proven techniques we have developed Protoinception.

Protoinception is a powerful tool that can be successfully implemented in any arena.

From global communications, stakeholder engagement, change management, strategic planning & efficiency maximisation. We create new dynamics within organisations to inspire people to reach their full potential individualy or as a community or organisation. Unlocking true potential is the core of all we do. By going beyond what is thought possible in the here and now we remove the limitations of outdated paradigms and push forward into a new and exciting world of possibilities. 

Business Leaders, inspire loyalty and commitment to your vision.

Human Resource Managers, wouldn't it be fantastic to detect both truth and deceit during interviews & negotiations. 

Training and Coaching Professionals, wouldn't it be incredible to identify and deal effectively with the emotional climate within your learning environment more quickly and easily.

Sales Professionals, wouldn't it be amazing to quickly and subtly establish your prospects inner emotional response to your product/service and respond effectively, allaying fears and addressing concerns before the prospect even voices them.

Customer Service Professionals, Learn to diffuse anger and bring resolution to areas of potential conflict fast.

Advertising Campaigns, Protoinception is the only comprehensive tool that can maximise message transference via viral online, viral offline & micro experiential advertising campaigns which are the future of advertising.

Government Agencies, Bring communities together through empowerment programmes creating loyalty & pride.

Influential Communictaion Training 

  • Fast track in house group training
  • Learn who is being authentic in all forms of communciations, incl. recruitment drives and negotiations
  • Learn to recognise visual cues, which will allow you to understand what someone is thinking and feeling and what motivates them
  • Voice resonance interpretation 
  • You will recognise how a person displays what they are thinking BEFORE they recognise it themselves!
  • This course enables you to tune into all of the channels of subconscious communication so that you fully understand their motivatons

Protoinception Consultation

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